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Consensus Time!

January 31, 2012 9 comments

Gentlemen, it is time to be heard! Comment on this post with a reason why you chose to grow a beard, a story about your beard, something you’ve had to deal with concerning your beard, really anything. I’m interested in the different reasons why we do it!

Ladies, I’m not leaving you hanging!  Comment with your opinion on bearded men, or maybe what kind of beard does it for you! Are we repulsive? Irresistible? You tell me!

Let’s have a little fun with this!

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Let’s Begin

January 26, 2012 2 comments

Gentlemen, and those ladies interested in facial hair, welcome to The Bearded Blog!  This is a place to learn about techniques, tips, news, events, and general bearded goodness.  Whether you are looking to start a beard, turn that peach fuzz into burly whiskers, or just maintain your St. Nick bristles, the bearded blog is the place to learn how to do it.

My name is Ryan Roskilly, AKA the Bearded Blogger, and I have taken it upon myself to gather as much useful information on the subject of beards as I possibly can.  This blog is not solely concerned with how to grow an epic beard, it also covers the why, where, when, and who.  We will explore why a man may choose to grow one, or why he may choose a certain style.  I will show you where to showcase your whiskers and where to discuss them.  I will also research when contests and festivals are coming into town so you can see how you stack up.  Additionally, we’ll be taking a look at some  bearded figures we’ve come to love as well as some you may not be familiar with.  All in all, let this blog be your guide into the world of beards.

Yours Truly,
The Bearded Blogger