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BRRRRRRRRRRRRD: A Winter-Time Accessory

February 16, 2012 3 comments

Hello All,

One of your fellow readers has brought up a good, seasonal point: beards keep you warm!!!  Considering the weather, though oddly warm for February, now is as good a time as any time to discuss the wind-blocking powers of a beard.

Sure, you could go out and buy a nice scarf, or one of those fleece neck warmers, or even one of those beanies with a beard knitted to it, but the most rugged men have been sporting icicle-ridden beards in frozen planes since the inception of beards… or the inception of cold… you get the idea.

You may not realize this, but a beard can be a versatile tool in battling the cold, though it helps to grow it out pretty long in the winter months.  A longer beard will block wind better than the ever-popular five o’clock shadow or something slightly longer.  Actually, I can’t think of a better example of an ideal beard than good-old St. Nick.  The man flies around in a topless sled at high altitude in cold weather, I’m sure if anyone knows how to stay warm in the wind, it’s this guy.

However, while a beard will protect you from the wind better than a clean shaven face, do not discount the luxury of a nice scarf.  While beard hair by itself will not provide great insulation, but a scarf will definitely augment a beard’s insulating powers. when flying free, a beard will let heat escape, but under a scarf it is almost like another layer, not to mention it will keep your whiskers from freezing to your face. (speaking of… don’t you feel bad-ass when your whiskers freeze?)

One word of caution though, fellas: as it is demonstrated by the photo beneath, you must be pretty diligent about wiping your nose.  That’s one mustache accessory you could probably do without.

Photo Credit: Robert Thomson

Mustaches for the Mustache March… in March

February 11, 2012 2 comments

Growing facial hair is just good clean fun.  You don’t need an excuse to grow it other than “I want to!”  But every now and again it serves a purpose beyond aesthetics and actually makes the world a better place.

On March 1st Rowan University will host its first ever Mustache March!  This one-mile march through Rowan’s campus, put together by Constantine Alexakos, the Assistant Director of student activities at Rowan, is all to raise awareness and money for The American Stroke Association.

“Well, we want to raise money, but we don’t want to focus on only raising money, “ says Alexakos. “There are a lot of things going on in [the spring] usually about raising money, so we want to focus on the fun aspect of it, though a lot of the proceeds from the shirt sale is going to the American Stroke Association.”

At a two-day kickoff event at the Student Center, organizers sold t-shirts featuring the Rowan Prof sporting a number of different mustaches, fake mustaches that stick to your face, and different craft supplies to make your own mustache for free. Within the first few hours, 50 t-shirts had been sold.

“I’m hoping to sell at least a hundred of them by the end of the day,” said Alexakos.

After the March there will be an event known as the “Mustache Mingle.”  This is a chance for those participating in the march to hang out, eat, and play games.  “We’re gonna have food that sort of gets stuck in your mustache, like milk and stuff, then pin the mustache on the Prof, a mustache contest for the best home-grown and the best fake mustache, and then we’ll have mustache Trivia!” said Alexakos.  This is a great chance to get together and hang out with other facial hair enthusiasts, enjoy some good food, and support an important cause.

“What I’m hoping to do is give the students something to buy into, and maybe create some tradition,” said Alexakos.

Though this event is still in it’s infancy, it shows potential of becoming a staple in Rowan’s community.  This fun yet important idea to raise stroke awareness  will surely become an annual tradition for Rowan.  Alexakos ended the interview with these words “I know it’s silly, you either like it or you don’t, but if you do, grab your friends and come out and do it and it’ll be a good time.”

For more information on Mustache March and other student activities, visit the Rowan Office of Student Activities

My Mustache March T-Shirt

Beards Grow Better When They Have Goals!

February 3, 2012 7 comments

A question for my bearded brethren: how do your whiskers stand?

I’m referring to the many beard competitions across the nation, and even the world! You didn’t know they took it so seriously did you?

Every since the poplar television program called “Whisker Wars” debuted on the Independent Film Channel, more and more Americans are becoming aware of this fascinating, not-so-new world full of people who think they have the best beard.

Though it may be new to some of us, The World Beard and Mustache Championships have been around longer than some of us have, including yours truly. Traditionally held in Europe, the Championships have made their way to the United States, where Americans became “the world’s new facial hair super power” once they took the title from Germany, who had dominated the competition from the very beginning.

As the competition gained popularity in the states, The Beard Team USA was born.  With chapters littering the USA, including Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey (for you local growers out there), the USA has not taken the title of “facial hair super power” lightly.

For those of you who think you have what it takes, consider the National Beard and Mustache Championships 2012.  This competition is set for November 11, 2012 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  All entry information and things of that nature will be posted on the website at some point, but growing should start now!

For those of you who are trying to get into it, consider a few tips and tricks.

Good luck, Gents, there is some stiff competition out there, but I know you can do it!

The Bearded Blogger

P.S. For those of you who aren’t competing in November, don’t neglect the power of a mustache for Movember.

Mustaches are Power!